group theory :: a c)i CD

counter)induction’s first CD release presents a snapshot of the ensemble’s mereology, the myriad relationships of element to element and part to whole. The repertoire shifts from duo to trio to quintet, from the works of composers within the ensemble to the works extrinsic to the group, and the aesthetic positions of the works themselves set up dialectics- from the motoric frenticism of Eric Moe’s Dead Cat Bounce to the to the shimmering oscillations of Bartlett’s Bas Relief, from the intense virtuosity of Boyce’s Deixo | Sonata to the baroque improvisations of Streber’s Partita and the harmonic play of Stem’s Fleeting Thoughts, and from the quiet introspection of Hyla’s Ciao Manhattan to the elegant savagery of Sciarrino’s Centauro Marino.

This flexibility and variety has been a hallmark of the ensemble’s aesthetic direction since its foundation in in 1998, as has a ferocious dedication to performances of the highest caliber in carefully constructed programs of music from around the world and from as broad a historical scope as possible. Juxtapositions between the Modern and the Medieval, composed and improvised, and tradition and change alternately contextual and decontextualize works and musical practices

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The reviews are in:

A Closer Listen: This ensemble is not here to entertain or make passing salutes at cultural milestones, it is here, under an absolute commitment, to philosophize with a hammer.’ [ Click here for complete review.]

Lucid Culture: Frequently dark, challenging, compelling music utilizing an imaginative mix of devices and genres from across the decades to the present.’ [ Click here for complete review.]

Sound Notion: An hour long conversation with Sound Notion about the CD, the history of c)i, and some philosophy mixed with news! [ Click here for complete video.]

Interviews and Video


This short video by New Dynamic Records president Erich Stem captures something of the process of conceptualizing, recording and producing a CD, and highlights the collaborative character of c)i’s collective working philosophy. It was shot in the comfort of Ryan Steber’s incredible Oktaven Audio studio, the location of the recording of this entire CD.


An interview with c)i composer, VP, and founding member Douglas Boyce with the fellows over at soundnotiontv talking about the CD, the history of c)i, our programming and performance aesthetics, and the generative tension built into the composer/performer dialectic.

Thank yous and shout outs

This recording was funded in part by a grant from the Aaron Copland Foundation and by supporters of c)i. It will be available for sale as digital downloads online at iTunes and as physical CDs at new dynamic records on 29 April, 2012, and at counter)induction’s CD release party on the same date. (Click here for event details.)

“La joie de l'artiste est dans la poursuite.”
--Edgar VarÃ?â?¹se