la folie circulaire (2002)

for violin, tape
By Kyle Bartlett
LA FOLIE CIRCULAIRE: attraction, compulsion, repetition, and repulsion. The terrible, glorious truth of nature, washing over me, suffocating me. I am all and I am nothing. I am the truth, and I deny truth. I struggle to protect myself from the rotten fecundity that threatens to overcome me, yet I secretly desire the coming annihilation. A dreaded euphoria fills me, and I am bleeding. I am all and I am nothing.

- KB

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“A gentleman brought music to his lady's window, who hated him,...and when he persisted, she threw stones at him. Whereupon a friend of his that was within his company, said to him; "What greater honour can you have to your music, than that stones come about you, as they did to Orpheus."”
--Francis Bacon