WIDE (2001)

for 'cello, viola, piano, violin, clarinet
By Sampo Haapamäki

“At the time I was composing the work WIDE I was interested in making my picture of the musical world wider. I wanted to challenge the borderlines of my personal comprehension of a musical form by incorporating into the same work materials that are foreign to each other. The work thus exploits different kinds of materials and style situations. I was fascinated by the idea of always finding new areas of musical discovery. I let my mind be free to invent and bring forth ideas that even seemed to be daring. On a more detailed level I tried to create a richly progressing, lively, musical music.” —Sampo Haapam?ki

“A gentleman brought music to his lady's window, who hated him,...and when he persisted, she threw stones at him. Whereupon a friend of his that was within his company, said to him; "What greater honour can you have to your music, than that stones come about you, as they did to Orpheus."”
--Francis Bacon