Centauro Marino

for 'cello, viola, piano, violin, clarinet

Of Centauro Marino Sciarrino writes ‘The centaur, figure among all the mythology that unites man to animal and, more mysteriously, combines them opposites, such as virtue and instinct. A marine centaur suddenly emerges from the depths to seal this work the symbol of his double nature.” Many of Sciarrino’s works derive their title from Classical (Hermes, Narciso Raffigurar al fonte, and Venere che le Grazie la fioriscono), and he has spoken at some length of the relationship between his musical work and sculpture. “Once the face of a sculpture had to be cast from a single mould. Today that will to form has been overthrown. No longer covered up, they leave impossible disparities, mutilations, brutal scars. The artwork henceforth betrays its own processes, as if the layers of consciousness had been multiplied and superimposed, trace upon trace, like the sketch book of a demiurge. Development, even connection, is shunned. A marine centaur now emerges from the depths to seal this work with the symbol of its double nature.”

Other works by Salvatorre Sciarrino:
“The future is what the present can bear.”
--Robert Fripp