Follow the Circle (2003)

for 'cello, piano, violin, clarinet
By Tomi Räisänen

The composer writes:

“The quartet Follow the Circle… (2003), written for clarinet, violin, cello and piano, is based on circular way of thinking, as the title also suggests. The idea of circle is applied in various ways to generation of musical material, such as harmony, textures, tempi etc. In the end the piece voyage around the circle is finished and similar musical situation is hear as in the beginning of the piece. New beginning however is not identical with actual beginning of the piece. Something has changed. This situation can be referred to cycle of time. The beginning of each day, week, month or year is always a new beginning.

“The idea of circle has not been left to consider only this piece. It has been applied in bigger scale also by way of circulating the same musical material. Follow the Circle… is first piece of some sort of “Circle Trilogy”. Other parts are ...Around the Circle… (2004) and …Until the Circle Closes (2005).”

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“A gentleman brought music to his lady's window, who hated him,...and when he persisted, she threw stones at him. Whereupon a friend of his that was within his company, said to him; "What greater honour can you have to your music, than that stones come about you, as they did to Orpheus."”
--Francis Bacon