Spinozan verkko (1996)

for violin, horn, clarinet

Spinoza’s Web is the only work of its kind in Räihälä’s output. This trio for clarinet, french horn and violin is built on a very strict rhythmic system. It is the only work in which the composer has used a computer programme to steer the ways of music. In a way this has made Spinoza’s Web the most ‘unfeeling’ or ‘insensitive’ music that Räihälä has written. When he started writing the piece in February 1996, he wanted to do a composition that would have no random factors at all. The rhythmic ‘web’ gets thinner from beginning and after a hoquetus-like middle section the web becomes more and more dense until it comes to a point where it cannot become any thicker. The title comes from Räihälä’s house philosopher Baruch Spinoza’s concept about the world (or ‘substance’) as geometric web where everything has an effect on everything. Spinoza’s Web was premièred by Kimmo Lepp?l? (clarinet), Reeta Rossi (french horn) and Maija Kontunen (violin) in Helsinki in September 1996.

“A gentleman brought music to his lady's window, who hated him,...and when he persisted, she threw stones at him. Whereupon a friend of his that was within his company, said to him; "What greater honour can you have to your music, than that stones come about you, as they did to Orpheus."”
--Francis Bacon