Throwing Mountains

for 'cello, viola, piano, bass clarinet
By Caroline Mallonée


Throwing pots is the terminology for the process of creating a ceramic piece using natural forces and natural materials. The momentum of the wheel allows the potter to create symmetrical objects out of earth and water. Throwing pots is also a fun and loud way to dispose of thrown pots.

In Throwing mountains, ranges and peaks arise from The momentum of the music. Throwing mountains in the end might also be said to be a fun and loud way to dispose of thrown mountains.

“Once when father (George Ives) was asked: 'How can you stand it to hear old John Bell (who was the best stonemason in town) bellow off-key the way he does at camp-meetings?' his answer was: 'Old John is a supreme musician. Look into his face and hear the music of the ages. Don't pay too much attention to the sounds. If you do, you may miss the music. You won't get a heroic ride to Heaven on pretty little sounds!'”
--Charles Ives