counter)induction + eric moe: Welcome to Phase Space

Sun Nov 20 2016
National Sawdust

Brooklyn, NY

counter)induction kicks off Season 18 with a most unusual collaboration. c)i will perform three recent works by composer Eric Moe. Moe, an accomplished pianist, will play three works selected by c)i composer Kyle Bartlett, including the world premiere of Bartlett’s solo piano work written for him.

The November 20 concert will feature the New York premiere of Moe’s Welcome to Phase Space, named for the eight-dimensional universe where space, time and momentum unite. Uncanny Affable Machines speaks through acoustic viola and electronic sounds to explore the relationship between human and machine, high-tech and low-tech, biology and silicon. What Instruments We Have Agree, written for c)i, is an elegy to composer and friend Lee Hyla.

Eric Moe will play the world premiere of Kyle Bartlett’s Shards from an Amphora Depicting the Goddess Athena in Battle, a work that explores the physicality of disruption and iteration to tell an ancient story out of time. Ruth Crawford Seeger’s Preludes 2, 8, and 9, elegantly refined yet unrelentingly modern, will be counterpointed with the steely-kinetic expressionism of Sofia Gubaidulina’s Chaconne.


“The future is what the present can bear.”
--Robert Fripp