Past Performances


counter)induction + eric moe: Welcome to Phase Space

Sun Nov 20 2016
National Sawdust

c)i kicks off Season 18 with a most unusual collaboration. We’ll play three works by Eric Moe, and Eric, a stupendous pianist as well as a first-rate composer, will play three piano pieces chosen by c)i composer Kyle Bartlett, including one she has written just for him. [more info]

Upcoming Performance:

c)i - Classical Interludes

Sun Apr 30 2017, 04:00PM
Brooklyn Public Library - Central Library

counter)induction visits the stately Dweck Center of the Brooklyn Public Library for the popular Classical Interludes series!

For this program c)i will lend its signature virtuosity to a rare program of standard and new repertoire, performing works by Fauré and Bartok alongside music by Andrew Rudin and a world premiere by c)i violist Jessica Meyer.

  • Fauré – Piano Quartet #1 in c minor
  • Bartók – Contrasts
  • Rudin – Adagio from Viola Sonata
  • Meyer – New Work (world premiere) [more info]
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