11 Feb, 2018,
Scorca Hall, National Opera Center

This program presents a chiaroscuro vision of action and stillness. Bartlett’s new work, Twitch, moves through the discontinuous and powerful motions of the mosh pit and the boxing ring. Boyce’s work explores the dialectic of sudden stops, and explosive acceleration. Davidovsky’s Duo capriccioso is a intricate dialectical tango in which performers evade and embrace, kick and embrace. Stravinsky’s masterwork marches and dances, while Theisen’s Ondes et Ombres meditates in shadows.

  • Theisen, Ondes et Ombres
  • Boyce, Etude for Clarinet and Piano
  • Bartlett, Inevitable Failure of Manifest Coherence
  • Davidovsky, Duo Capriccioso
  • Stravinsky, A Soldier’s Tale

This concert will be played by counter)induction’s electrifying trio composed of Miranda Cuckson (violin), Benjamin Fingland (clarinet), and Ning Yu (piano).