AGAINST METHOD: A celebration of counter)induction’s 20 years of thought-provoking programming and relentless virtuosity. A party for unexpected paths and contrarian aesthetics. A re-awakening for the familiar, and a baptism for the new.


Kyle Bartlett – Before (2019) (NYC Premiere)

Douglas Boyce – Trio Etude #2 (2019) (World Premiere)

Ryan Streber – Quartet  (2018)

Jessica Meyer – Forgiveness (2015)

Mark Rimple – Mystic Fragments (2017)

c)i marks its 20th year with a satisfyingly strange program of recent music by the ensemble’s composers and a premiere by longtime counter)induction friend Suzanne Sorkin. Kyle Bartlett’s obstreperously percussive trio Before, for bass clarinet, cello, and guitar, at turns severe, more severe, and sweet, begins the program.  Douglas Boyce’s Trio Etude #2 is a virtuosic hero’s journey, a tripled chase of shifting allegiances, down paths crude and subtle. It is counterpointed by the film noir sensibility of Ryan Streber’s Quartet, an unsettled elegance told in shadows and fleeting gestures. Jessica Meyer’s Forgiveness for bass clarinet and looping explores the iterative and imperfect nature of love and relationships. Suzanne Sorkin contributes a celebratory premiere.


FRIDAY, JANUARY 31, 07:00pm

ShapeShifter Lab

18 Whitwell Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Tickets, $20 suggested donation at the door

Feyerabend and counterinduction.


Ok, so, the name: “counter)induction” sometimes confuses people, and that’s understandable. It’s a negative, it’s an abstract, and it doesn’t seem to have much to do with music, or sound, or making art.  It’s logic, though, is a logic of creation. Counterinduction as a term is coined by philosopher and ‘scientific anarchist’ Paul Feyerabend; counterinduction is the opposite of induction, it is not doing something that is illogical; rather it is doing the opposite of what is logical.  It is not an ill-advised choice, it is the choice that most strongly stands against all advisements. Continue reading “Feyerabend and counterinduction.”