C)i : XX

Our 20th season will be filled with new friends and new music, with 6 world premieres by composers from 4 countries and two continents, 3 performances around the NY area, a visit to DC, an anniversary party, and a new CD!

We’re very excited to welcome Dan Lippel and Caleb van der Swaagh to the c)i family.

When Caleb started performing with us last year,  he seemed to get our way of doing things immediately, bringing an elegance to his virtuosity, and a perceptive understanding of intricate repertoire.

Dan is a fiercely masterful guitarist and old friend who has played with us many times, and we’ve finally decided to make it official.  

You probably know something about c)i’s commitment to performances of the highest caliber and the depth in our thinking about programming, but you might not know that we’ve been doing it for 20 years!   We’ve been digging through our extensive archive, and every week, we’ll be sharing a deep track and talking about how it connects to our history.

A Miller Theater Pop-up concert of recent music by our Jessica Meyer starts the season on Tuesday, October 29, 2019. In ‘Futures Past,’ c)i returns to DC as part of George Washington University’s Corcoran Music Festival 2019, with a program connecting Medieval and contemporary, making music that is emphatically new and peculiarly ancient, with some old favorites, and a premiere from Kyle Bartlett.

On 31 January, Gowanus’  Shapeshifter Lab will host  our celebration of two decades of musical exploration and discovery.  ‘Against Method’ (named for philosopher Paul Feyerabend’s seminal work) echoes the philosophical origin of our approach to music-making, collaboration, and running-against-the-grain,  and will feature premieres of new works by Suzanne Sorkin and Douglas Boyce. On 7 March you’ll be able to find us at Adelphi University, playing music by Sidney Boquiren and working with student composers, and then on the 30th of April at the Americas Society, presenting a snapshot of the vibrantly formidable world of contemporary music by Latina composers, including 3 world premieres by Gabriela Areal, Marina Lopez and Mariana Villanueva Conroy.

And soon we’ll share more news about the release of our forthcoming CD, featuring works from c)i composers and Diego Tedesco’s amazing Scherzo, which we premiered last season.