Anna Weesner: Light and Stone

c)i emerged from a very practical need – finding performers for works when Kyle and I were students at Penn. What emerged was a collective of composers and players interested in pushing the limits of performance, but also engaging with music’s deep questions of historicality and ontology. I was studying with Anna Weesner through this, and c)i ended up playing some of her music a few times, specifically Light and Stone. As is much of Anna’s music, it’s quite coloristic and mimetic in the best sense; diverse musical patterns mirroring the branching paths of nature. This performance is from a 2008 concert exploring these ideas called root, branch, crystal, at our second home, Tenri Cultural Institute.

I love this painting by Seurat, in we see the worker, as he comes between the light and the stone, making shadows between the light and the stone. Just work that happens to lead to beauty.