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counter)induction roams far and wide with our 17th season. From the urban dreamscapes of Lee Hyla, to new composers from Hungary, to the bottom of the sea – come along for the ride on five invitingly provocative shows. { click here for details }

x + n: daniel lippel and éliane radigue

SUN APR 10 2016, 07:00PM

counter)induction continues its unique “series within a series,” this season focusing on female electronic music pioneers. For each concert, seminal works of electronic music are presented alongside solo repertoire for a unique aesthetic experience.

The phenomenally sensitive and ferociously virtuosic guitarist Daniel Lippel presents a program counterpointing the music of Éliane Radigue. Hypnotic and transformative, Radigue’s work exists outside any stylistic or aesthetic school, yet her influence can still be felt in the environmental and ambient music of today.


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The reviews are in:

The concert… became a showcase for vivid, engrossing and highly communicative new chamber music. The sterling lineup of performers included the core ensemble members Miranda Cuckson on violin and viola, the violist Jessica Meyer and the clarinetist Benjamin Fingland, as well as the radiant cellist Karen Ouzounian and the pianist Ning Yu, who played with great clarity and balance.[ Click here for complete review.]

Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim 2 June, 2013

The superb new-music ensemble counter)induction probably did not set out to make a case for Schoenberg in its concert at Casa Italiana, at Columbia University, on Sunday evening. But it found a way to make his “Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte” (1942), a mature, 12-tone work, seem barely a stone’s throw from late Beethoven… [ Click here to read the rest of the article.]

Allan Kozinn, The New York Times

PEOPLE ARE TALKING about c)i’s ‘Group Theory ‘CD.

A Closer Listen: This ensemble is not here to entertain or make passing salutes at cultural milestones, it is here, under an absolute commitment, to philosophize with a hammer.’ [ Click here for complete review.]

Lucid Culture: Frequently dark, challenging, compelling music utilizing an imaginative mix of devices and genres from across the decades to the present.’ [ Click here for complete review.]

Sound Notion: An hour long conversation with Sound Notion about the CD, the history of c)i, and some philosophy mixed with news! [ Click here for complete video.]

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